About Us

Who We Are
A group of rabbinical students, rabbis, Jewish educators & lay-leaders who have spent time in Hebron and are grappling with the difficult realities we encountered there. We want to invite our communities into a conversation about what we have seen.

In light of our awareness of violations of human dignity in Hebron, many in the name of Judaism, Project Hayei Sarah seeks:

  • to educate Jewish communities about the history, complexity and current reality of our relationship to the holy city of Hebron.
  • to generate communal conversations, rooted in Jewish text and tradition, about the situation in Hebron today.
  • to spark individual and collective action towards a reality in Hebron that is reflective of our highest Jewish ideals.


  • Justice, Dignity & Rule of Law — The establishment of justice and the rule of law are necessary to ensure the dignity of all residents of Hebron.
  • Responsibility — The global Jewish community has a responsibility to confront and address the situation in Hebron.
  • Education — An honest educational approach steeped in Jewish tradition and lived experience, aimed at promoting empathy and identification across cultural barriers.
  • Respectful Discourse — Generating conversations within the Jewish community rooted in mutual respect and resilient listening.
  • Hope — A deep sense of hope that things can change for the better.