On the 25th of November, millions of Jews around the world will read Parshat Hayei Sarah; the Torah reading in which Abraham purchased the burial site of the Tomb of the Patriarchs for his beloved wife Sarah in what is considered to be modern-day Hebron. This shabbat has become a time for right- wing supporters of the Israeli settlement in Hebron to flock to the city to assert Israeli sovereignty there.

Now in its eighth year, Project Hayei Sarah invites Jewish communities into a conversation about the occupation and violations of human dignity they’ve encountered in Hebron. Across North America and Israel, join us in reclaiming Parshat Hayei Sarah through divrei torah, personal stories, and community learning, and spark individual and collective action towards a reality in Hebron that is reflective of our highest Jewish ideals.

Project Hayei Sarah aims to

EDUCATE Jewish communities about the situation in Hebron
RECLAIM Parshat Hayei Sarah, a text often used to justify violence and displacement
SPARK individual and collective action that reflect our highest Jewish ideals.

How to get involved

Save the date! On the 24th of November Project Hayei Sarah will hold an exciting learning event in Jerusalem about Hebron, human dignity and Jewish values.
Where: Yedidya synagogue, Lifshitz 12, Jerusalem
When: 19:00- 21:30
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*Professor Noam Zohar Research Fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute; Professor of Jewish Philosophy, Bar Ilan University
*Rabbi Noa Sattath Director, IRAC (Israel Religious Action Center)
*Achiya Schatz Spokesperson, Breaking the Silence
*The Mute’s House A short film by Tamar Kay

Share your story– Write a blog post
“There is a common reaction that Palestinians have when they are introduced to me by name. “Sarah! What a nice name.” It sounds light and friendly, but this is no ordinary compliment. It carries the weight of thousands of years of collective storytelling that translates across three monotheistic religions. Sarah is the first matriarch. If my name were Rachel, Rebecca or Leah, it would be different.” Read more of Sarah Stern’s story here

Liya Richtman: Kiryat Arba, That Is, Hebron 

Eli Witkin: A Prayer in the Field and a Prayer in the Cave  

Alana Alpert-Open a Window
“And nobody inclined their mind and heart like our father Abraham”

Incorporate a discussion about the impact of the Hayei Sarah celebrations, in your community. Source sheet about Hebron 


Project Hayei Sarah is a cooperation of activists and Jewish educators together with T’ruah and Breaking the Silence.